01. They live in a [cozy] little one bedroom apartment on Cook Street.
02. Henderson is [cozy] with the boss, so he gets anything he wants.
03. We felt really [cozy] wrapped up in our sleeping bags, in front of the fire.
04. Make sure you are warm and [cozy], and I'll go get the wine glasses.
05. They spent the evening having a [cozy] chat over coffee.
06. I just love the [coziness] of a family supper at Christmas.
07. The cat was [cozily] curled up on the dryer, enjoying the warmth.
08. Our apartment seems a little too [cozy] now that we have a new baby, so we're looking for a bigger place.
09. Why don't you come and sit next to me where it's [cozier]?
10. This blanket will help you feel warm and [cozy].
11. We prefer to stay in the [cozy] atmosphere of a bed and breakfast when we go travelling.
12. The young couple snuggled together on the [cozy] overstuffed sofa.
13. After the show, we went for a pint of beer in a [cozy] little pub down the road.
14. The children were all [cozily] tucked in their beds by 9:00.
15. My new wool sweater is so [cozy] and warm; I love it.
16. Someone once joked that nothing is more [cozy] and restful than a warm, crackling fire in the living room, but only if you have a fireplace.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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